Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hekate ~ Queen of the Witches

She stands at the crossroads between the worlds. With her twin flaming torches, she lights the way through darkness. The spirits of the otherworld will follow her through the veils mist, and for the living, she illuminates the darkest hours of death and rebirth. The Triple Goddess who bears three heads pointing in all directions, she sees clearly, guiding the living through acceptance of change and new beginnings. Hekate, known as the Queen of the Night, the Goddess of the Underworld, drifts through graveyards, her sacred three headed black dog and ghostly spirits trailing behind her.

Hekate is the Goddess who can help you through times of despare and will illumminate your path through times of transition and change. At the crossroads, she can help guide you when lifes decisions need to be made. When personal growth is hindered, Hekate can open gates and pathways to guide you to through transitional periods, leading you onto a new phase on your lifes journey as she teaches you to see and accept your shadowed self in order to facilitate personal growth.

During Samhain and Beltane, Hekate will insure safe travels for the spirits of the otherworld and guide your psychic awareness as you divine answers to yourself and loved ones through divination.

The Queen of the Witches Candle by White Magick Alchemy is scented with dark amber, musk and sandalwood essences, the color is deep purple and has jet black drips flowing from the top of the candle down the sides. Available in 4 sizes, each candle is handmade and adorned with the White Magick Pentacle Charm.

You can purchase the Hekate ~ Queen of the Witches Candle at the White Magick Shoppe! Just click the link at the top of the page to be directed right to the shoppe ~

The Witches Magick Candle© concept, a pillar with drips running down the sides and adorned with pentacle charms is an original design by White Magick Alchemy, making premium safe burning candles since 1992. Replicated but never duplicated.... ; )

Samhain Between the Worlds . Sacred Smudge Organic Blend . For Clearing, Purification, Protection, Psychic Awareness and Guiding Ancestral Spirits

Smudging is an old and ancient practice used by witches and Native Americans where the burning of herbs are used for cleansing and purification before sacred ritual. Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance.

This is a totally new approach to clearing and purifying your sacred space before beginning your Samhain ritual and can also be used for any spell workings involving spirit work. An organic blend of sacred herbs specifically for cleansing, purification, clearing away and protecting against all negative energies and spirits before beginning your workings. This witch blended herbal smudge also lends to heighten psychic awareness for guiding ancestral spirits during Samhain and Beltane spirit drawing workings.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Samhain Ritual Candles ~ Made with our original Samhain essence from years past

Samhain ~ Between the Worlds Ritual Candles are perfect for celebrating and for ritual in honor of the returning of our ancestral spirits.

Samhain, pronounced “sow-en or sow-in” is the most magical and important night of the year for Pagans, Wiccans and Celts throughout the world. Exactly opposite Beltane on the Wheel of the Year, Samhain is Beltane’s dark twin and the Witches New Year. Samhain rituals begins at sundown October 31st when the veil between the worlds of humans and spirits is at its thinnest and the dead return to visit their kin. The modern world recognizes this holiday as Halloween.

The White Magick Shoppe has a wide array of candles for Samhain, available in many sizes. Pictured her is our boxed set of two. Our exclusive fragrance for this years Samhain is a blending of traditional Samhain essences. Warm pumpkin, deep woods, cinnamon, clove, ginger and notes of madagascar vanilla cream. Absolutely to die for!~ This year we brought back our original Samhain essence from years past, so expect to be surprised with this amazing and wonderfully rich essence!

"Sell-Outs" ~ Copy-Cat Vampires of Etsy

ETSY is the place to find all things handmade! A wonderful retail venue for artisans of all styles to share their crafts and handmade wares with people throughout the world. As artists, our creative imaginations thrive within sacred lucidity. A sense of accomplishment after we have created and handcrafted an individually unique piece of art is a feeling unlike none other. We are true artists... with a vision and light. Blessed and bestowed with the ability not only as amazing artists, each with our own style and imaginative creative ability, but as entreprenuers who possess the ability to not only create our artworks within our chosen medium, but artists who also have the ability to create, operate, and run a successful business selling our handmade wares. And then there are the "sell-outs".

You may be familiar with my writing, "The Curious Case of the Evil Eye" in which I depict the evil eye as situational in nature. A failure to restrain envy within proper social bounds. There seems to be an overabundance of this behavior amongst sellers on etsy, new and existing sellers alike. There are forums and blogs overflowing with angry, upset, and betrayed sellers who brought "their" businesses and creative minds to etsy, sellers who believed this to be a safe haven for artisan sellers for, as etsy states "all things unique and handmade", only to have someone capitalize on their success and replicate their designs. It may be a seller who's sales are low and/or non-existent, who sees the success of another seller within the same marketplace, and thinks to themselves " Gee..... this person really has a great product line.... this person has created a "brand" for themselves.... this person is making way more sales than me.... I think I'll copy that product, give it a new name, make my own label, and I can have that success too! Yeah! Thats a great idea!" Guess what.... thats about the worst idea much less business decision you will ever make. You know why? Of course you don't! You lack ethical business knowledge and haven't a clue on how to restrain your envy and conduct yourself within proper ethcical social bounds. Industry standards if you will. And lets not leave out the buyers.... oh yes, the worst offenders. They think "Hey! This is something I should do as supplimental income!" Then they replicate your shop themes, copy your products and think this is ethical business practice. They have just sealed their fate. If they believe the etsy community hasn't taken notice that they are just another desperate "copy-cat" seller, they are sadly mistaken. They have just sealed their fate.

We have just witnessed one of the grossest displays of a "copy cat" sell-out seller and sadly, it was one of my own customers who decided it was ethically correct to replicate on of my own designs which is owned by my corporation and distributed worldwide to retailers throughout the world. One of my customers Lori Lappin, had been purchasing a Witches Magick Candle 3x4 from me, one a month for two years. We had a wonderfully sweet relationship and she raved about how much she loved my candles, a "staple" as she once told me, she just could not live without her Witches Magick Candles! I was delighted to have a dedicated customer and strived to insure that every candle purchase was stellar... and of course, she left me excellent positive feedback on every purchase for years.

In March of 2009, Liorah Lleucu decided to open a "witch shop" on etsy, Witch Crafts. And guess what she decided to sell? Replications of my product line. She uses the same bottles, replicates packaging trade designs, and even utilized bottles and charms for her new products which were originally from items she purchased from White Magick Shoppe. In a convo I mentioned I had seen bottles and charms from items she had previously purchased from me and she became terribly defensive "You can't trademark the pentacle! Its a symbol which has been used in witchcraft for centuries!".... Uhh, thats not what I'm taking Defensive because she's unknowledgeable.

Recently she purchased a Samhain Candle from me. A few days later, I see that she has replicated my company's original trade design of our Witches Magick Candle and its right on etsy for the whole world to see. The candle is an exact duplication of the candle she has been purchasing from me for 2 years. I polietely contacted her and explainded that she had copied an owned trade design owned by my company and asked her to remove the listing. She ignored my request to remove the listings of the two sizes she had duplicated and listed in her shop, claiming that hers were different than mine, lying within text, lying to herself. I tried to get her to understand the legality of the situation, but again, she was defensive and basically ignored my candid request and has now given me no other option but to get my legal counsel involved in the matter. Keep in mind, this is one of my own customers. Apauling and gross conduct on her part.

Then, a few days later, I find that she has replciated yet another trade design of my Samhain Witches Magick Candle! BaaaWaaaa! lol Who has the nerve to do this? I mean, she claims to be a witch, but what witch would act in this manner, capitalizing on someone elses trade designs? This is not consistent behavior for someone who is connected to the pagan path, which leads me to believe she is not a witch at all. She is simply a woman, who is trying to make a buck based upon the success she has seen in my shoppe and other sellers shops within the metaphysical etsy community. She has not only replciated my product line, but she has copied other sellers unique ideas and we have all taken notice. Several of my customers, random buyers, other sellers, as well as a few of my wholesale accounts have contacted me to expresses their thoughts and concerns on the matter. I thank you all for your support and for looking out for me and my business. Not to worry, we are in the process of rectifying this completely disrespectful and appalling display of sickness transmuted.

It is so very important for each and everyone of us within the artisan etsy community to remain true to our own artistic artistry. I don't believe that this woman at Witch Crafts, Liorah Lleucu, has any individual artistic ability whatsoever if she is desperate enough to muster the audacity to copy other artisans designs and list them for sale within this alleged
"witch shop" on etsy. Karma doesn't take a back seat and this type of business decision certainly will not create any sort of long term success. I've been in this industry for 18 years. I've seen them come, I've seen them go.

Divination at Samhain

With Samhain approaching and divination at its highest, White Magick Alchemy's Old World "Resins of the Ancients" can assist you during ritual on Samhain Eve, during divination workings to invoke spirits and ancestral connections between the worldly realms.
There are several to choose from for your magickal needs.

Divination Resin Incense will assist during divination rituals, psychic workings and vision, communications with the spirit realm and invoking dieties when used with intent during rituals and spell works.

Old World "Resins of the Ancients" are a blend of natural heartwoods, saps, resins, herbs, flowers and honey drenched with intoxicating essential and essence oils that will fill your sacred space with the energy and magic of each intent.

Resin incenses have been burned for centuries during ritual work to invoke the spirits. This magickal blend will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a lovely pure and sweet natural fragrance. This aromatic sacred smoke is so powerful that just a few pieces burned on a disk will fill up your sacred space with a mood transforming essence and its magical power.