Friday, January 7, 2011

White Magick Alchemy ~ Imbolc Ritual Kit

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas and Groundhog's Day, occurs at the beginning of February on February 2nd. It marks the middle of Winter and holds the promise of Spring. The Goddess manifests as the Maiden and Brigid, the Goddess of Fire.

In ancient times, people danced around bonfires and celebrated until dawn. Certain foods are traditional for Candlemas/Imbolc, such as crepes and pancakes. Because of their rounded shape and golden color, they are symbolic of the returning sun, which this holiday represents. The emphasis on fire represents the returning warmth of spring and the spark of life and fertility for the coming planting season. The element of fire is the element of creation and beginnings.

The Candle Wheel or Sun Wheel is at the center of the celebrations. As the days begin to grow longer and with the return of the Sun, Imbolc is the time to visualize life flourishing with abundance, creativity and renewed strength. Imbolc represents purification, renewal, reflection, fertility and illumination.

In this beautiful handmade kit you will receive:

* A Sacred Candle Wheel consisting of 5 hand poured, witch-blessed, snow white votive candles, each scented with the traditional symbolism and fragrances of fresh, creamy milk, sweet honey, exotic jasmine and delicate spring roses

* Brigid's Blossoms Floral Incense Blend - A sweet mix of traditional, first spring flowers and petals blended with creamery dried organic milk, bourbon vanilla (a fairy favorite!), kissed with a silvery shimmer

* One ounce package of Bonfire Cauldron Wood Blend for Purification and Renewal to cast into your bonfire ritual or create a mini bonfire right in the cauldron! For a fiery display of magick, I've added a pinch of my magick igniting potion for an extra punch to help get the fire started and add a fiery display to your bonfire (please use caution when using this, especially in the cauldron, stand clear and keep away from children and pets at all times)

* One corked glass bottle of Brigid's Blessing Candle Wheel Anointing Oil (not pictured)

* One Charcoal Disk for burning incense

The kit comes packaged and delivered to you in a Purple Box tied with ribbons representing the colors of spring.

Find this magickal Imbolc Ritual Kit here! Just click the link to be directed to the White Magick Shoppe:

Witches Salt

Traditionally, Witches Salt is is mixture of black salt and charcoal, utilized in magic spells for banishing, driving away evil and protection. Pepper is commonly added as well as herbs to conjure the salts intent.  Placed upon the altar for spell workings, Witches Salt is also used for cleansing, charging scrying mirrors, casting circles and purification baths.

White Magick Alchemy's Witches Salts are available in traditional Black and now Pink, each charged and blessed with intent.

Pink Witches Salt, for use in Love, Wishes, Clearing, Healing, Abundance, Prosperity. Peace, Dreams and Lunar Magick.

Black Witches Salt for, use in Protection, Banishing, Purification, Curse & Hex Breaking, Change, Bindings, Shadow Works, New Beginnings and work with waning and dark moon magick. 

Not only can these salts be used within your spells and rituals, but these beautiful salts can also be used in your witches kitchen. Add it to your translucent salt shaker or grinder where dinner guests and family will appreciate their lovely pink or black hues. Dip the rim of your drink glass in a fine grain Witches Salt to enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktails.

White Magick Alchemy Witches Salts are a generous 5 ounces, a great deal as these salts are not only expensive, but the majority of Witches Salt on the market today only come in small amounts and are more on the higher priced end. A excellent deal for the money!~