Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dark Shadows by White Magick Alchemy

Dark Shadows was a gothic horror soap opera that aired on ABC from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971. Wait, Dark Shadows was the coolest, spookiest soap opera in the history of television! The show found its cult following mainly within Generation X, as kids everywhere rushed home from school to watch the vampire inspired soap opera. I mean, just the opener alone was enough to thrill and excite us kids! Black and white television, (the soap later in color film) ocean waves crashing upon the rocky shore above where Collinswood stood, the mansion where the infamous Barnabas Collins and the rest of the creepy clan played out their oh so 60's/70's roles... and the music was like so amazing cool, who wouldn't want to get the creeps after school?

Dark Shadows featured werewolves, zombies, man-made monsters, witches, warlocks, time travel, and a parallel universe. The show was based around charactor Barnabas Collins, (played by Jonathan Frid), a 200-year-old vampire who is in search of fresh blood and his lost love, Josette. It was a cool soap with a cool theme, and the intro was spooky and ghostly! Wish they had a soap like that today ~

Dark Shadows remains a cult classic! So, in honor of this classic soap, arrises "Dark Shadows" by White Magick Alchemy! Available in a perfume oil, contained within a gothic style medieval crystalline potion bottle, and its companions, the witchy, dark and drippy pillar candles, Dark Shadows is an exquisite and mysterious blending of dark amber, vetiver, sandalwood, ylang ylang, patchouli, and red cedar with hints of coffee, musk and vanilla. 

Dark Shadows perfume and candles are another original creation by White Magick Alchemy. I strive to create unique and "never done before" offerings at WMA, and so far, Dark Shadows has already proven to be a big hit not only on screen, but as a perfume and candle line as well! Read about what people are saying about White Magick Alchemys "Dark Shadows":

"Heads will turn, I guarantee it. This is incredible!! Ladies, this is a must have."

"This is hands down my favourite perfume scent EVER!!!! I am exhausted from inhaling and smelling it deeply because I cant get enough of it! Whenever I buy a perfume oil, it is usually anti-climactic where I like the description, then the initial smell and soon it wears off which is disappointing. :( Nan's is so special and nothing like any others I have tried. It smells AMAZING both in the bottle and worn AND it lasts!!! I am so in love with it!! :)"

"I bought this as a special treat for myself as it contained many of the scents that I adore. Beautifully packaged. It was not quite as I had anticipated it would be, however, what a pleasant surprise! It truly is one of those blends that is unisex, not overpowering like some blends. The first note to hit my nose reminded me of being fresh out of the shower after using my favorite soap, then hints of something more, rich, hinting at a darker, and more mysterious note... very intriguing! It has quickly become one of my favorite blends to wear!"

Click the link below and enter the portal to Dark Shadows ~
If you are a fan of Dark Shadows, you are in for another surprise treat! They are currently in the process of doing the new movie Dark Shadows, by Tim Burton! Staring none other than.... guess who? Yup, Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins! LOL Something to look forward too in 2012. Not sure when the movie is to be released, but I personally cannot wait to see this in theaters soon!

Gruss Vom Krampus ~ Greetings from Krampus

I have always been fascinated with the folklore surrounding Krampus. As a child, I knew about this red scary beast, and frankly, he scared the pants off of me! Last year my boyfriend gifted me the "Krampus, The Devil of Christmas" book and I just about screamed! The idea was brilliant! And I was thrilled he actually got the the book for me.

This year, I wanted to incorporate something Krampus into the White Magick Alchemy line of magical offerings for the 2011 holiday season, as I always like to bring new and unique offerings to the lineup, things that have never been done before.  I searched and searched only to find a Krampus candle had never been done before. Hence, the birth of the Gruss Vom Krampus Pillar Candle line! 

White Magick Alchemy now offers the very first candle dedicated to the old hair beast Krampus! European folklore depicts  the Krampus as Nikolaus’s dark servant. A hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps. Krampus terrorized the bad until they promised to be good. Some he spanked, others he whipped. And some he shackled, stuffed into his large wooden basket, carted away, and hurled them into the flames of hell.

As Nikolaus traveled door to door doling out treats and gifts to those who had been good all year long, those who behaved badly are dealt with by the Krampus.

Our new Krampus Pillar Candles embrace that old world folklore, reminding us that is it always better to be good than bad. Krampus candles can also be used for spells and ritual workings involving change and transformation. Perhaps you know someone who has misbehaved or wronged you and others. Say a prayer for the evil-doer in your life, lighting their way to enlightenment. Or maybe just give a Krampus pillar candle to someone who needs to be reminded that sending good positive energy into the universe is the best way to go! And bad, well bad…. is just plain bad. No one wants Krampus to pay them a visit.

Krampus candles are a deep Krampus red, scented with dark essences of amber, sandalwood, moonflower, night jasmine, bladderwrack and dragons blood. Made from all natural wax, pure essential oils, essence oils, pure cotton wick and free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space. Gruss Vom Krampus Candles are available in 3 different sizes from small 2x3 convenient pillar candles to larger sized pillars.

Our new Krampus Candles are a huge success this year! I think people are having fun giving our unique Krampus pillars as gifts this year and they certainly are creating interesting conversation and discovery. Not too many people know about the Krampus, but I have a feeling some are about to learn about the shadow of the infamous Nikolaus ~ Click the link below to zoom over to White Magick Alchemy to see our Krampus Pillar Candles! And remember.... be good, otherwise the Krampus may find you ~
Although little is written about Krampus, the book, "Krampus, the Devil of Christmas" is filled with unique illustrations and has a short story about the hairy horned beast. You can find the book on Amazon here: