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Crystal Shows on Facebook ~ Purchasing Crystals on the White Magick Alchemy/White Magick Crystals Facebook Page

A World of Natures Ancient Relics ~
Crystals are the blossoms of the mineralogical portion of the Earth. The recognition of the beauty and loving energies of these forms can greatly enhance ones personal development. They are the myriad fireworks of both creativity and individual universal energies.

Purchasing Crystals on our Facebook Page ~

I'm not quite sure how it all began actually. We started buying crystals to sell on our website then I posted a a few crystals on our Facebook Page and people wanted to buy them! And not just any crystals! We began hunting and continue to search for just the perfect crystals, each one individually looked over with a careful eye and hand chosen to insure that each and every crystal and gemstone was as perfect and magical as it could be.

It's been a over a year since we began offering crystals and gemstones for sale on our White Magick Alchemy Facebook Page and we continue to have Crystal Shows on our page! Unlike other online places where you can purchase crystals and gemstones, we don't purchase anything unless we've held it and carefully examined each and every crystal. I think thats what has made buying crystals on our Facebook Page so exciting for our friends and customers, because its just not some box we received from some vendor clear across the nation of crystals and stones we've never seen before and we don't know what it is until it gets here.... these crystals and gemstones are each individually hand chosen by us. Each and every one too! So you can rest assured that any crystal you purchase from White Magick Alchemy, on either our website or on our Facebook page, is a crystal that has been carefully critiqued. We want share with you and sell only the finest crystals we can get our hands on. And we only work with reputable gem dealers who we have face to face close relationships and friendships with. We're pretty lucky because they come to us!~ Like Jose from Mexico who's family pretty much has the entire market on Black Obsidian in Mexico. Jose drives up here from Mexico to meet with us here at our house! Those are the people we work with. Experienced, professional, reputable gemstone dealers. And then sometimes we'll run into someone who has a vintage collection. Its being at the right place at the right time thats for sure ~

NEW to Purchasing Crystals on our Facebook Crystal Shows? Below is a detailed description about the Terms and Conditions when purchasing crystals and gemstones on the White Magick Alchemy Facebook Page.

PURCHASING CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES on our Facebook Page ~ How it Works:

1)  We will post up a photo and within the thread all of the details about the crystal(s) up for sale, the price(s), the size(s), and a description(s) of the crystal/gemstone(s) magical and healing properties. In some instances we may also include some scientific information as well. We ask that you read the information contained within each thread thoroughly and carefully, as all of the information about that particular listing of crystal/gemstone(s) will be contained within the post.

2)  Want the Crystal posted?  In the comment box type "SOLD" in caps. This is your commitment to purchase the item in the post. First person to put SOLD in the comment box gets the item. Please be sure that you want the piece before claiming a crystal as there are others that may want the piece too. These are OOAK, one of a kind crystals.

3)  Immediately after "claiming" your crystal/gemstone(s) by marking SOLD in the post, email us at and send us your Full Name, your Ship To Address and your Paypal Email address. Shortly after, we will email you a Paypal Invoice for your crystal which is due immediately upon receipt. 

If you "claim" and mark SOLD in a post for a crystal and your email is not received within 5 mins, your crystal/gemstone(s) will be available for purchase to the next person who typed SOLD into the post. We will not hold crystals under any circumstances. If you claim a crystal and you decide not to follow through, we kindly ask that you follow up with a post in the thread letting others know that you've changed your mind so that they know the item is still available but advise against it. Please don't post SOLD if you "think" you might want it or if you don't want it because other people really want some of these crystal/gemstone(s), perhaps the one you just claimed. 

You will receive an Invoice within a few minutes for your purchase. Check our email inbox frequently for the Invoice. We kindly ask that you finalize payment upon receipt or at least within 5 or 10 minutes. If your Invoice is not paid immediately, your crystal/gemstone(s) will not be held for you and they will be posted up on Facebook for someone else to purchase. No stomping of feet please.... if you really want a crystal/gemstone, you will finalize asap right?

If we are doing a number of posts that day/night and something else comes up that you wish to add to your previous paid invoice, we will Combine Shipping for you on any following purchases/invoices. Do not wait to pay to combine all of your purchases into one final Invoice. If Invoices are not paid within 10 mins or you have disappeared from cyper-space, your crystal/gemstone(s) will be relisted on the Facebook page and will be available for someone else to purchase.

* We will not hold crystal/gemstone(s) under any circumstances.

* DO NOT EMAIL or send a Facebook Message that you want a specific crystal. Sending an email does not insure your claim on your crystal. You must post in the thread that you want it by typing "SOLD" in the post.  This makes the whole process move more efficiently and allows everyone to see what has been claimed, what is still available, and gives everyone a fair chance to purchase the crystal/gemstone(s) that they really want. 

* We will not do any "Private Showings", meaning that we will email you something before posting it on Facebook. I've tried this before and its been too stressful, time consuming and holds things up for others who are ready to see the crystal offerings.

*  If you want a crystal/gemstone(s), it is advisable that you "claim" it as soon as possible by marking "SOLD" in the thread and finalize the transaction upon receipt, as when these get posted, in some cases, I've seen a whole lot of crystals sell out within 30 seconds.


Upon receipt of your finalized Invoice, your crystal/gemstone(s) with ship within 1 to 3 days. All crystal/gemstone(s) are shipped USPS Priority Mail to insure prompt and safe delivery to you.

Insurance will be added to your order. If your crystal/gemstone(s) arrive to you damaged or broken, please notify us immediately within 48 hours so we can provide you with the tracking information to file your claim with USPS. White Magick Alchemy will not file any Damage Claims with UPSP on your behalf and we are not responsible for any damages or reimbursements regarding damaged or broken items. Any reimbursements for damaged or broken items will be handled by you through USPS. All sales are final when you purchase any of our White Magick Alchemy products and/or White Magick Crystals crystals and gemstone items.


All sales are final. We do not accept any returns. Exceptions may be made for higher priced crystal/gemstone(s) depending upon the circumstances. A 20% Restocking Fee will be imposed for any Authorized Returns. Refused shipments will not be accepted. 

Well, there ya go! A special thank you to all of our wonderful friends and customers who have purchased from us on Facebook!~ You guys "ROCK"! We are so happy everyone has loved all their crystal purchases. We are always receiving notes and emails about how happy everyone is with their new crystals.... that's why we're gonna keep on doing it! Love you guys ~ xo  Nancy and Casey

A Kaleidoscope of Crystals and Gemstones Await! ~ White Magick Crystals

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NEW!~ Athames, Bolines, Ceremonial Daggars, Blades, Knives, Swords

Styled after many of the ornate daggers and swords used during medieval times, White Magick Alchemy carries an array of gorgeous Athames, Bolines, Swords and more. Love the old world feel of these timelessly designed ritual tools as well as their usefulness ~ Pictured, The Queen's Sword
White Magick Alchemy
You can view our selections here ~

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gemstone Elixers and Crystal Healing Waters . Toxic Gemstones

Gemstone Elixers and Crystal Healing Waters are a wonderful way to incorporate the vibrational energies of certain gemstones and crystals into your magical workings as well as in your daily life. But be aware that there are certain gemstones and crystals that contain toxins such as lead, copper, aluminum, nickel, sulpher and arsenic. The list below is not a comprehensive list, but please please, always do research before creating any elixir or gemstone water especially if you plan to take it internally.

Polished gemstones are less likely to emit any toxins into your elixirs and waters and are pretty safe for use in massage oils as well. If handling raw gemstones, wear gloves and/or wash your hand thoroughly after handling. And this is really important, always keep small stones, tumbled or raw stones, and even ones that aren't toxic safely away from children and pets.

Here at White Magick Alchemy we have a great respect for crystals and gemstones and always utilize safe gemstones in our spell oils. We also charge our herbal blends with these magical, loving, healing stones which then are incorporated into many of our magickal offerings. For instance, many types of Quartz crystals are completely safe to use as long as these stones are polished, smooth with unbroken surfaces. Another option to create safe Gemstone Elixers and Crystal Healing Waters are to place then around the base of the glass container, outside, preferably under the corresponding moon phase.

Adamite - zinc, copper 
Amazonite - copper
Amber - toxic dust, fumes, possible ingestive toxicity
Angelite - lead, sulphur
Atacamite - copper
Auricalcite - zinc and copper
Azurite - copper
Boji-stones/Kansas Pop Rocks (may contain sulphur)
Bronchantite - copper
Cerrusite - sulphur, molybdenum
Chalcantite (aka "blue shit") - copper
Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone, Peacock Ore) - copper and sulphur
Chrysacolla (Chrysocolla) - copper
Cinnabar - mercury
Cobaltocalcite (Pink Cobalt Calcite) - cobalt
Conicalcite - copper
Copper - copper
Coral - organic, may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in
Cuprite - copper
Diopside - copper
Dioptase - copper
Eliat Stone - copper
Emerald - aluminum
Garnet - aluminum
Gem Silica - copper
Galena/ Galenite - lead
Garnierite (Genthite, Falcondoite) - nickel
Hiddenite - aluminum
Iolite - aluminum
Kansas Pop Rocks - may contain sulphur
Kunzite - aluminum
Kyanite - aluminum
Labradorite - aluminum
Lapis Lazuli - may contain copper, sulphur
Marcasite (Markasite) - sulphur
Magnetite (Lodestone) - iron in large quantities
Malachite - copper
Meteorite - may contain many toxic substances
Mohawkite - copper, arsenic
Moldavite - aluminum
Molybdenum - molybdenum
Moonstone - may contain aluminum or other toxic substances
Mother of Pearl - organic, may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in
Opal - toxic dust for inhalation at least
Pearl - organic, may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in
Psiomelane - barium
Pyrite (Fool's Gold, Inca Gold) - sulphur
Quartz (all types) - toxic dust for inhalation
Realgar - sulfur, arsenic
Rhodocrosite (Rhodochrosite) - lead
Ruby - aluminum
Sapphire - aluminum
Sodalite - aluminum
Spinel - may contain aluminum, zinc
Stibnite - lead, antimony
Smithsonite (Galmei, Zinc spar)- zinc, may contain copper
Sulphur - sulphur
Tiger's Eye
Tourmaline, Watermelon - aluminum
Turquoise - copper
Uranium - radioactive mineral
Vanadanite - lead
Variscite - aluminum 

Wulfenite - lead, molybdenum

Avoid and do not make conventional gem elixirs, gem waters, massage oils, or other consumables with these stones. The general rules below can help you and those you know stay safe.
  1. Do not make conventional gemstone elixirs, gem waters, massage oils of any stone containing metal (lead, copper, etc.) Use an indirect method instead.
  2. FYI: Polished stones are less likely to allow elixirs, etc. to leach any potentially hazardous materials. Rough stones are most likely.
  3. In general, almost all blue and green stones, especially brightly colored ones, contain copper and/or arsenic and are unsafe to use for conventional gem elixirs, etc.
  4. Shiny, metallic stones should be avoided.
  5. Don't handle stones containing arsenic, such as realgar, or mercury, such as cinnabar without protective gloves. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling them. These stones are extremely toxic.
  6. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling potentially toxic stones.
  7. Keep all potentially harmful stones (including small, bite-sized stones that aren't necessarily toxic but can cause choking hazards!) out of reach of children for safety.
You may find contradictory information elsewhere as to the potential hazards of these stones, as I am not a mineralogist nor a health care practitioner. I recommend being cautious and using unconventional indirect methods for making elixirs and other consumables unless you're certain of what you're doing. To be on the safe side, consider these stones, and any stones you don't know for sure about, to be poisonous to eat, drink, or otherwise consume.

Information provided by White Magick Alchemy, White Magick Crystals and